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Triple mode ®

KuzaCleanBelt® is the only sustainable system that can perform washing, disinfection and drying processes within the same system. It is able to carry out these three operations with its modules that can be combined perfectly.

Double direction ®

You ask what direction you want to run your ladder kuzacleanbelt® any command or without the need for mechanical intervention in both directions continues to disinfection.

Effective disinfection ®

KuzaCleanBelt® It has a system that can manage the disinfection intensity of the elbows on the left and right of a ladder independently of each other. Especially in the systems under heavy traffic, the contact on the bands on the left side of the ladder is more intense. The right side uses the passengers who want to move faster. You can adjust the amount of disinfection fluid delivered separately and schedule it in different time periods.

All Side ®

Contrary to what is known, the edges of their elbows contain more viruses, fungi or bacteria than their wide surface. Handrail belt the third section of the same one for all the systems available on the market can disinfect perfection Allen Si technology having a single system kuzacleanbelt®.

Perfect Shave ®

Thanks to the stripping apparatus developed by Kuza engineers and patented by KUZA, the handrailbelt will always serve passengers dry.

 Easy recycling®

KuzaCleanBelt® is so stingy that it uses the disinfection fluid surprisingly economically when performing continuous disinfection.In addition, it maintains and recycles the inevitable fluid leakage at the start and the end of the spray in its chamber. The most important factor is the specially designed and manufactured washing rollers. The roller coating, which traps the liquid in it, continues to find the disinfection fluid in the tape without needing to spray again for about 3 minutes after spraying the liquid for 3 seconds.

* It may vary depending on air temperature and stair intensity.