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Escalator handrail cleaning and sanitation systems

The turning point at sanitizing methods at escalators.

Kuza that has been keeping up with the latest developments at escalator market is now launching its very own unique design of hand band sanitizing system
in addition to escalators and escalators spare parts.

KUZA now takes place at the market with Kuzacleanbelt trademark and with invisible hero model with its own patent. Along with 6 different technologies

Before get started:

If you are planning to invest a sanitation system for your escalator systems in your facility;

  • We strongly advise you to investigate and examine the 
    Uv and UVC lights cleaning systems very carefully.The handrailbelt system moves 50 cm per second.It’s impossible to clean through UV and UVC lights that moving constantly and touched by people every other second .Besides that shortens the life of hand band.

  • You will experience assemble and dissemble problems with the systems built outside.

  • Also there is a risk of members limb jamming

  • Is the system able to offer you a interference free a double way cleaning?

  • Is the system min 7 max 15 days control free system?

  • Is the system have the setting flexibilty of disenfection liquid and the timer for both right and left hand bands?

  • Definitely search for refill parts and spare parts costs.

  • What is the time span for part supplies and how many years long are they provided?

  • If you examine or have already examined any other brand you will realize that the Invisible Hero designates its own standards.

  • The major problem at these systems is hand bands cannot be dried completely. Does the system dry the hand bands completely for the users?

  • Is it a complicated system or simple but functional and durable system?​​​​

  • Is the system offered you an original patented and unique system?
    The product which has potential patent uncertainty will make you waste your time and you will have to deal with legal issues for your investment of hand band cleaning

 KuzaCleanBelt®  in the press

Here at the facts about KuzaCleanBelt® 

100% Turkish product

100% Turkish design

100%Turkish engineering

The entire product both as a system and the technology are under protection and accredited by Turkish Patent Institution 

A plain design, a simple machine and a perfect worker created just for this job

Invisible track ®

The world's first sustainable handrail belt sanitation system. All technologies to date have been designed to work off the handrail belt. Many negative consequences of working outside have been experienced. Such as the risk of limb pinching, malfunction of the ladder itself, or problems of disassembling and reassembling each time during maintenance. KuzaCleanBelt® performs its duty perfectly in the staircase and no one notices it. Invisibility , which is the main idea of the design, is the only sustainable system in this field.

Triple mode ®

KuzaCleanBelt® is the only sustainable system that can perform washing, disinfection and drying processes within the same system. It is able to carry out these three operations with its modules that can be combined perfectly.

Double direction ®

You ask what direction you want to run your ladder KuzaCleanBelt® Invisible Hero® any command or without the need for mechanical intervention in both directions continues to disinfection.

Effective disinfection ®

KuzaCleanBelt®  Invisible Hero® has the system that can conduct the density of disinfection for both right and left handrail belt independent from each other.Especially at the busy places the right belt are contacted more during moving up or moving down. Usually left belt are used for the people who are in a rush. At this point, you as an administrator, may determine the amount of the disinfectant for each belt and may set timer for different periods.

All Side ®

Contrary to the common belief, edges of hand bands shelter more fungi, virus and bacteria than it’s wider surface. KuzaCleanBelt®  Invisible Hero® is the only system that cleans three sides of handrail belt among other products in the market.KuzaCleanBelt®  Invisible Hero® is the only system which has All Sides technology, cleans three sides of a hand band perfectly  

Perfect Shave ®

Hand bands stay constantly dry  through the scraping brush fixture which patented and developed by Kuza engineers,

 Easy recycling®

KuzaCleanBelt® Invisible Hero®  is so thrifty that it surprisingly uses disenfectant liquid economically while cleaning constantly. Additionally, in a chamber it stores and than recycle the disinfectant liquid that reveal inevitably during the spraying process. 
At a nonstop escalator, it consumes average 50/75 cc disinfectant liquid per hour.
The major factor of this success is the rollers that manufactured particularly.
After 3 second spraying, the roller coating which traps the liquid in, keeps smearing it to the band for 3 minutes until another spraying.
*It may vary by the weather conditions and the frequency of usage

You may contact with us for the price and further information.