City life is changing day by day and the population is increasing rapidly. Especially big cities are changing at the same speed in the face of this rapid population change. On the other hand, technology is developing rapidly, and the way people live is changing in parallel, and it is necessary to meet different needs in order to keep up with this change. One of the most important of these needs is time. Time is one of the most important phenomena in our age and speed is the most important necessity of using the time in the best way. In many buildings such as high-rise buildings, gigantic shopping centers, public transportation stations, airports, hospitals, underpasses and overpasses, human circulation is increasing and this situation is fast and reliable with machines such as stairs, roads, belts, elevators in order to reach the desired place in the shortest time. dissolves. These machines are also aesthetically the face of the modern world in cities.   

   XINDA/KUZA® Escalator systems are designed to reach the most secure destination in the shortest possible time in all areas mentioned above. On the other hand, it provides safe, fast, uninterrupted, economical and aesthetic solutions that are most suitable for the traffic cycle structure, capacity and physical condition of the architectural structure to be used.


The escalator system is basically designed in two different types.

Outdoor Escalator Systems

     The outdoor escalator systems are designed according to the conditions of the outdoor space according to the indoor escalators. The climatic and geographical conditions of the region to be serviced (air temperature, rain, snow, ice, density of corrosion, dust, etc.) taking into account the project. For example; Corrosion resistant galvanized skeleton, such as engine room, comb, hand belt heating systems, outdoor step chain stainless railing and so on. Because of these requirements, outdoor stairs have higher investment costs compared to indoor stairs of the same dimensions.

Indoor Escalator Systems  

     Indoor Escalators do not have to have the components used in outdoor systems since they serve in closed and sheltered structures unlike the outdoor systems.


There are many criteria that will affect the design of an escalator system after an indoor outdoor decision.

  • Working height

  • Working angle

  • Required service capacity motor power / step width / speed

  • Coating type (stainless steel plate, static paint plate, glass and optional special designs)

  • Railing type (stainless sheet glass)

  • Traffic service location (single direction single unit, double direction parallel, double direction parallel split double direction cross layout, parallel triple flexible system)

   XINDA/KUZA®  evaluates all data both at the project stage and for the system to be revised to a completed project. It designs the most suitable design for working height, working angle, carrying capacity, building human traffic and building statics. In other words, the escalator system of each project is designed and produced according to its specific conditions. 


       As with all machines, safety systems are one of the most vital features of escalator systems. On the other hand, since it is human safety, it is one of the features that should be considered with great care.

How do the ladder systems we use almost every day achieve this if they are safe?

      The most important certification that certifies the safety of escalators is the EN-115-1 international safety certification. Ladders with this certification and of course complete maintenance by regular and competent companies are safe.

What are the main safety measures?

Mechanical, electrical and electronic security systems.

     Here, security systems need to look under two separate headings, the first of which is related to passenger safety and the other is aimed at the protection of technical personnel in case of periodic maintenance inspection and failure.

Passenger safety features.

  • Step break / fall protection system

  • Handrail  speed  tracking system

  • Handrail jam monitoring system

  • Step impact protection system

  • Machine room opening protection system

  • Speed ​​tracking system

  • Electromechanical brake control system

  • Step and drive chain monitoring systems

  • Edge plate anti-pinch brush system

  • Edge plate impact protection system

  • Anti-static system

  • Leakage current prevention systems

  • Emergency button

  • Anti-climb bar

  • Passenger limb anti-jam bars

XINDA/KUZA®   escalator systems are manufactured in full compliance with EN-115-1 safety standards.

Investment and operating costs.

    In the escalator systems, besides the investment cost, one of the most important cost items is the operation and maintenance costs. In the last 30 years, the need for escalator systems has increased with the change of the city life and the number of systems has been increased. In this process, non-domestic and of course a very respected international company has met this need but has become dominant in the market. As a result of this domination, competition has disappeared and the options for realistic costs have decreased. Many businesses have to bear very high investment and maintenance costs. In the last 15 years, very few ODM domestic producers in Turkey have started to operate in this field and started to meet the above mentioned competition need. It was during this period that XINDA / KUZA® started its operations as one of the most important local players. It is understood that the main problem is quality investment and operation maintenance costs rather than brand awareness. When we come to this day, companies are considering investment and operating costs rather than brand awareness. On the other hand, the maintenance and spare parts costs of many international companies reach investment cost levels in the first 2/3 years. Spare parts costs for XINDA / KUZA® escalators are 1/3 of the average system costs. Satisfied operators who use our systems that have been in operation for about 15 years both at home and abroad prove this claim.



XDF Conventional type (indoor/outdoor )

XCM Economical Type (indoor/outdoor)

XFT Economical Type (indoor)

XDM Conventional type (indoor/outdoor )

Escalator Solutions

   Xinda/Kuza has rich experience in escalator desing and manufacturing, presenting modern technology and desing perfecly.The escalator is designed to maximum height up to 30 meters.Practical and flexible desing meet different customer needs;long service life, energy efficent carriage, stable and reiable performance make easy aplication in commerce and public transportation.

Scope of application

  • Shopping malls

  • Hospitals

  • Supermarkets

  • Hotels

  • Underpasses,overpasses

  • Sports complexes


XDRM / XDRH Inclined moving walk (slim)

XDRJ Inclined moving walk (ordinary)

XDRS Inclined double-arc moving walk 

XDRP-M/XDRP-H horizontal moving Walk 

Moving Walk Solution

   Xinda/Kuza moving walk solutions  represent the industry-leading manufacturing trend.The new desing of Xinda/Kuza moving walks is up to a maximum length of 100 meters,and also individualized desing will be made according to customer requirements.The use of advenced technology accords with ergonomic desing , making the function and performance of automatic moving walks increasingly improved.New stylish and creative streamlined design has beatiful appearance wich is integrated in to the buildings harmoniously, bringing out the best in each other.